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This report was compiled by Friends of Down Lane Park(FDLP) from the views of a number of people using the park, especially in the play area and from a questionnaire we sent out to local people and also from the views of our own members and that of friends and neighbours.

Children's Play Areas

Some local families are using other parks instead, such as Clissold, Finsbury, Priory Park. Improvements in other parks are way ahead. Our group included parents of children of different age groups. Claims that other parks had a better atmosphere and better and more variety of facilities for different age groups of children. Many parents are very passionate in their views that Down Lane Park facilities are very poor in comparison with others.

Problems are:

  • Play equipment poor old & some broken lack of variety
  • Play space badly designed
  • Lack of safety overall
  • Nothing for older children so they use younger children’s facilities
  • The play area badly needs better facilities for different age groups
  • Swings for older children too low
  • Older children on bikes or with dogs using younger children’s play area for stunts etc. Some children find teenagers scary.
  • The two huts are used by older children as a make out area and is shunned by younger children.
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Safety is big concern for all age groups in the Park itself. Especially this is a concern for young children & their parents. Run down, bad atmosphere in Park and surrounds. Older children causing problems for younger children. Lack of sufficient lights in park and playground.

Also safety is a concern for commuters in park and surrounding roads and worries that this is not given the in Park View Road at this time. Worries that the negative influence of the park on Park View road is not being recognised. The park and recreation ground, when gates are open , do provide cover for would be assaults in Park View Road. More openings onto Park View Road from the park/playground allow more cover for robbers.

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Tennis courts , basketball area and fences all rundown, old and equipment broken. Local resident groups have been pressing for facilities & opportunities for young people (13-18 years) as a matter of priority. Haringey Parks Officers have also recognised this important need as have the police.

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Other Problems/Issues

Dog waste needs more publicity and bins need clean grass areas free of fouling for family picnics, otherwise there are health risks. Many dog owners let them loose to run wild in the park. Some such dogs look vicious and uncontrollable. Owners sometimes do not remove the mess. It would be a lovely place for picnics if dog fouling would be stopped/removed instantly.

The Park railings are old and rusted.

No toilet facilities or changing rooms or other facilities.

Badly lit park is frightening and magnet for robbers. Lights only for commuter paths in park, the rest of the park is dark.

Connection to marshes hidden & very off-putting.

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Much of what we report below is critical but we also heard positive views that assert the park is a great resource, is much used and valued and has great potential for local people (see Great Resource)
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