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The play area in Down Lane Park is as it exists now, badly needing repair and renovation.
It has a limited number of play facilities.

Our campaigning is beginning to pay off. Haringey Parks Development are optimistic that we will receive the funding of £400,000 for the new play area.

This money can supply an excellent new playground for Down Lane Park.
It will comprise a play area with modern equipment and additionally a natural play area. We are all proceeding on the basis that this funding will be available for next year.

David Lammy MP on visit to ParkDavid Lammy MP on visit to Park.
Offers wholehearted support.

We are working with Jan Wilson, Senior Officer Parks Development to design the new play area. Final design is scheduled to be completed by early February 2010 and work is projected to start on site in July 2010 and complete before March 2011.

Come join us in designing a new play area and beyond that in renovating all of Down Lane Park

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Playground Location Options

There are three proposed locations for the new playground listed below. Chose which you would prefer and let us know by contacting us

Email: fdlp99@blueyonder.co.uk
Phone : Seamus Carey (Co-ordinator) 020 8376 5178 or 07833 357 526
Or come to any one of our meetings. (See Meeting)

Adjacent to the Recycling Centre

  • PROS
  • Lots of space
  • Good, Open location – Highly visible – Safe
  • Located away from traffic noise and pollution – Quiet area
  • Pleasant Surroundings – Just walk through Green Area to access, Not through areas where cars are (i.e. by Pavilion)

  • CONS
  • Located on the northern edge of the park
  • Trees would need to be lost from here but not as many as above location
  • Noise from the Recycling Centre (occasional)

Adjacent to Park View Road Frontage

  • PROS
  • Good central location
  • Provide Security for the road

  • CONS
    People overlooking the park might not be happy about having children playing so close to their homes
  • More trees would have to be lost here
  • Least amount of space compared to other options

Existing Location

  • PROS
  • People already know it as the playground site
  • No trees to be removed
  • Large site

  • CONS
    Will be very expensive to get into a workable state with work required to levels
    Isolated end of park
  • This area would be ideal as a teenage / sports / activity zone
  • Located by heavy traffic – Pollution and Noise
  • Access is restricted in this area
  • The Green Link is going to be designed to cross the existing play area. The design will be started sometime in future but not in time for the designers of the play area to know what space it will leave. The uncertainty will mean that the play area design could be significantly delayed or limited in size and shape in any case.
  • Unlike the other two options work on the new playground would mean that there would be no playground available during the building of the new one
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Play Equipment that we might select from:
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