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The Tottenham Hale masterplan stated that "The population (near Tottenham Hale) is characterised by a high proportion of young people". It promised "an enhanced Down Lane Park that could include new youth facilities". When the Masterplan team consulted on its plans the local community prioritised "improved facilities at Down Lane Park (including new play and sports facilities".

A survey of the local area in Autumn 2007 suggested that:
a) Young people chose to access facilities in the very immediate environment only.

b) 'Lack of youth facilities' was named by residents as one thing they least liked about their area.

c) There was a desire of service providers to engage local young people as part of a plan to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.

Ideas / Possibilities:

Voices for Improvements:
Local resident groups have been pressing for facilities & opportunities for young people (13-18 years) as a matter of priority. Haringey parks managers have also recognised and promoted solutions within the park to meet this important need, as have the police.

Sports Development:
We need park keepers/park development workers to promote greater use of facilities eg running sports leagues or competitions for basketball, tennis, cricket or football. This would be especially important in developing use of sports by young people locally. As well as meeting the needs of young people for a variety of sporting activities this could be a preventative measure re anti-social behaviour.

Tennis courts, basketball area and fences all rundown parts broken-nets-fences, surfaces-and no lighting. These all need renovation.

Other New Facilities for Young People:
Toilets/dressing rooms for sports users (could be part of community/cafe complex).
Regain more area for park/playground by adding area occupied by depot for instance.
Maximise use of present buildings and facilities.
Redesign whole playarea and sports areas maybe creating a sports zone and separate playareas.

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